Ignoring The Voters Works Wonders

Specifically, the wonder of Donald Trump, who is going to win just because of things like this.
In the wake of this month’s terrorist attack in San Bernardino, in which one of the perpetrators managed to enter the country on a K-1 “fiancée” visa without being detected, the least popular policy at the moment is increasing access to the US. Numerous polls now show confidence in the federal government plummeting when it comes to securing the nation. The big debate at the moment isn’t on whether to increase visa access, but whether it needs to get shut down for a while until we can improve scrutiny on applicants.

So what did elected representatives Congress do when it came time to pass a large omnibus bill to complete the FY2016 budget process? Sneak a large increase in foreign-worker visas into the legislation, of course....
This is clearly where the mind of the establishment is right now, both Democratic and Republican.

The voters' chief concern is a terrorism that the government has proven incapable of controlling -- let's push disarming the people, while doing nothing much about ISIS and actively helping Iran.

One of the terrorists got in on a badly-investigated visa at the same time that ISIS has proven capable of creating counterfeit Syrian passports and is promising to use the refugee crisis as a vector to infiltrate the West -- let's increase the number of Syrian refugees immediately!

The economy, the next biggest concern, is long-sluggish especially for middle- and lower-income workers for whom immigration represents a wage-suppressing mechanism -- obviously, we need many more work visas right away, especially ones that target the lower end of the American wage scale.

This is part of another major concern about a refusal to enforce border security that seems even to encourage rapid, mass immigration into the United States -- so let's allocate almost two billion dollars to resettling illegal immigrants inside the United States.

Even if you don't agree with the public, the thing about being an elected representative you are supposed to represent the public. If you don't do that, you'd better be really persuasive in accounting for your behavior and convincing the public that you were right and they were wrong. Otherwise, your performance review is coming up fast, and it sounds like the voters are looking to make a change.


raven said...

Legistative, Executive, Judiciary- A syphilitic bag of weasels, constrained by neither law nor ethics, bound to destroy us.

Where is John Galt?
I will see your John Galt and raise you a Cromwell.

Unknown said...

I don't think that the "elites" will do anything unless and until it bites them financially. It didn't seem to impact them after 9/11. It was Bin Laden's hope that 9/11 was the first volley in an economic war; remember the unemployment in some industries. It is entirely possible that 9/11 cost the economy a trillion dollars, thought there is no consensus, and I'm not including the cost of the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. What happens if there is a major attack on a school, a major sports venue, another high rise, apparently nothing.

Ymar Sakar said...

Democracy is always a good tool for totalitarian societies to justify things. Since the people think they have, you know, power.

Democracy - > Oligarchy - > Rule by the 1%

Ymar Sakar said...

Also people seriously underestimate the power of the Left or other totalitarian systems, when they start talking about "elections" that change things. The system is too old and solid to be changed by elections.

Saddam Hussein also had elections, and he only managed to Trump DC's 93% vote for Hussein Obola by about 6%.

douglas said...

If the government is no longer bound by law, than neither am I. Time to stop paying taxes. I didn't make any money this year, after deductions- did you all?

A while ago, before things got this bad, I once had a priest tell me that he wouldn't really call cutting corners on your taxes a 'sin'. He's gone now, but I have to think he'd endorse the above.

Ymar Sakar said...

Obey the Law. Or Else.