Like thousands and thousands of Americans, I've filled out an SF-86, the Questionnaire for National Security Positions. In order to let the government determine if it can trust me, I trusted them with vast quantities of private personal information. This included not only responses to 127 pages of questions, but personal interviews with security officers, not only for me and my wife but for many people I've known everywhere I'd lived to the date of the adjudication of the clearance. The file, in other words, is as complete a set of information about me as you could hope to procure, given that it was created with my complete cooperation and with a very thorough background investigation.

How nice to know that the government took such good care with my trust.


raven said...

I did not read the link but am sure you are referencing the OPM scandal-fiasco-national security imbroglio -and complete flustercluck- apparently they gave away the keys to the safe.
Affirmative action hires all the way down.
The America I grew up in, is vanishing at a startling pace right in front of my eyes- and the vast bulk of the populace seems to either be blind to what they are losing, or just do not care.
I do not believe this is an accident- there is a concerted effort to "fundamentally transform" our country. the goal is to destroy the US as a independent powerful country and turn us into a third world oligarchy.

Grim said...

That's a heavy indictment. If you're right, it'll take extraordinary measures to recover.