Trapped In Lies They Tell Themselves

In this exclusive video interview with The Daily Caller, Coughlin says our allies in the war of terror “watched us change sides” in 2010 and 2011, but “the scariest thing” to him “is that our senior national security leaders seem to have no comprehension that they did.”
His greatest fear is that “we may be put to sleep, like the frog that boils to death, mired in the pollution of our own politically correct narratives that has created a complete inability for us to understand and further the truth, so much so, that we have to treat the truth as propaganda just to be heard.”

Discussing the 2009 Fort Hood shooter, Maj. Nidal Hasan, Coughlin says this is a clear example that when you commit to a narrative, you can suppress the truth and undermine our national security. He says Hasan told us “at the Walter Reed and the Pentagon, over 20 times” to military officers that, “I am a Muslim. If you send me to war, I will become a jihadi.”
And thus an infamous episode of... um... ah... "workplace violence."


Eric Blair said...

I still think that failure to curb Hasan was much more of a problem of psychiatrists not doing their job very well (perhaps because it is bunk in the first place) coupled with hideous political correctness coupled with officers who well, probably don't really think of themselves as being in the army. (or want to think of themselves as being in the army).

I noticed this with 'professional' type officers when I served, I kinda doubt it has changed very much.

Grim said...

It's the political correctness problem that he's talking about. The degree to which psych-* is inadequate to dealing with mental illnesses that aren't politically correct to mention may also be a problem. After all, the DSM manuals determine what is and isn't to be included by voting on it. That's an inherently political mechanism, and it probably does damage to the disciplines that use it.