"From Sweden"

So the band I cited the other day is much more impressive than I thought it was. I thought it was a pleasant bluegrass band, and it is: but it's apparently a foreign band, "from Sweden," which has managed to master the genre so well that I didn't notice that they weren't Southerners. Successfully adapting to a foreign culture is really an accomplishment for an artist! (Although I suppose I'm supposed to be angry for 'cultural appropriation,' I have to say that I think that concept is bull.)

Here they are doing "John Henry."


RonF said...

Gotta love that the projected title right at the beginning says "John Henery".

E Hines said...

I'm supposed to be angry for 'cultural appropriation,'....

No you shouldn't. That would expose you for a culturonormative nationistcentric civiarch. And you wouldn't want that sort of exposure.

The Rockridge Brothers are pretty good.

Eric Hines