More from SlateStarCodex, this time on cheap thinking about medical ethics and prescription drugs.


Anonymous said...

There are differences in anti-depressants because these drugs have different mechanisms of action. There are differences in patients due to their own physiology and the cause of the depression.

These differences can be detected using brain scans.

That is why I got a brain scan when an anti-depressant was suggested for me.

I paid for it myself: insurance companies do not recognize this kind of testing, because it is expensive.

I consider it a cheap precaution, because a stay in a hospital due to a bad reaction to a psychoactive drug costs more than a scan.

I got a good, effective, drug-and-nutrition prescription.

Caveat Emptor


Grim said...

On the subject of drugs, I advise against them. Except beer and cider, bourbon and Scotch.