Changing times

The new atmosphere in Wisconsin, per the Washington Post:
Another teacher, Linda Zauner, 58, said she was working to build a case that teachers wanted to keep benefits the same, but she had struggled to get teachers to respond to a survey. She said she wanted to emphasize that teachers still thought of health care as a “bargained right.”
“This is the closest thing we’re going to get to negotiations,” Zauner said.
Fish remained incredulous.
“You have to be mean,” she said. “We never got anything by being nice. We’ve had to walk out. We got things when we banged our fists on tables.”
Brey jumped into the conversation.
“Sometimes I think,” she stopped to collect the words delicately.
“Sometimes, I think, . . . that’s . . . why they came after us, Jenny. Because they thought these teachers were too demanding.”
“No, we have to fight,” Fish responded. “It’s for our students.”


Assistant Village Idiot said...

It's for our students.


Many of these people want to teach critical thinking to those students.

I'm not seeing why we should send them out to do that.

MikeD said...

What AVI said.
“No, we have to fight,” Fish responded. “It’s for our students.”

Excuse me? YOUR heathcare benefits are for the students? You fail at English. Which, I guess, shouldn't surprise me.