A brief stint as Oskar Schindler

A nice vignette from the troubles in France:  a black guy amusingly described as "African-American" by a CNN news anchor used quick thinking to shove about 30 Jewish customers of a kosher store into a basement freezer to protect them from the Islamist hostage-takers.  They all survived; the hostage-taker is now at room temperature.


Grim said...

"Today an African-American Frenchman..."

Solid work, though.

Anonymous said...

This kind of error points to the color of the guy's skin being of overwhelming importance to the anchor, and that he's had something pounded into his head as an overlay. So much so, that he failed to catch the part about him being Muslim, which was included in the story.


MikeD said...

My wife first brought this to my attention during the Atlanta Olympics when some bozo newscaster referred to a black French athlete as "African-American". And it was so jarring to her that she pointed it out. I find this most amusing, because I was completely oblivious to it... until the moron repeated it.