Cold Days Coming

Gonna need more firewood. Seems like that's all I did this summer, though in fact of course I did a few other things. But I'd have been happy to have done too much: indeed, doing 'too much' was my goal. Instead, it's 18 degrees a month before winter, and NASA says it's just going to get worse.


Ymar Sakar said...

As the world freezes, the great Fire continues to burn out the nation's lifeblood.

Gaia dies, human evil lives on. A direct relationship perhaps.

Dad29 said...

Yah, well, the firewood suppliers up here are saying that they'll be out of product in mid-January, at the latest.

E Hines said...

We did a night's freeze a week ago in Plano. Filled the winter square for me; I'm ready for summer.

Which is coming, because Global Warming. It's nature that lies.

Eric Hines

Eric Blair said...

Maunder minimum!