Bad relationship news

How can you tell when that special someone may not be marriage material after all?

Normally it would be preferable to get this information before you go into labor.

In other news.  ("Would women really opt for this invasive surgery?" "Are you kidding?")


Grim said...

The boyfriend in question is a sad example.

"He's quick to add that the device will be programmed to limit its use."

That's good. There's a real danger of addiction with push-button pleasures, even otherwise harmless ones.

E Hines said...

"Sad example" is being generous. He's a worthless coward.

At the end of The Hot Air article, though, I think Shaw is mistaken: "an apartment" is not necessarily "her/their apartment." It's entirely reasonable that her lacking the keys had nothing to do with her worthless sperm donor.

On the other matter, programming can be hacked. The only advantage I see in this sort of thing is that executing the procedure is safer than stabbing electrodes into the brain for the same general purpose. The only reliable way to use it is to withdraw it after the underlying problem has been successfully handled.

And limits on its use implies a lack of spontaneity. Suppose her man is on ED medication, also, and to quote an erstwhile TV cop, asks "Wanna see if we can get a two-fer out of this pill?" And her device has expired for the time being.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

I have a right to be generous in my hall. It is my pleasure.

E Hines said...

You have a right to be generous anywhere. It's rarely an inappropriate trait.

Eric Hines