Celebrate Diversity of Religion

Some comments on the Right reacting to this piece are improper.

Says Ed Morrissey: "But to 'thank God for abortion' demonstrates a lack of proper formation in religion … or just a bit of demagoguery intended to put on a fake faith to assume speakership for that contingent of people. If Touré really believes in God, perhaps he should take the time to find out what God says about pretty much the entire arc of behavior that Touré admits in this brief clip[.]" But what the man is saying is that he thanks his god that he was able to kill the child he didn't want so he could have a better life (including the child he eventually did want). There is a long American tradition of religion that advocates for the sacrifice of the unwanted in return for a better life.

How unfair to assume that he was speaking of the Christian God -- or that a claim like this refers to "a fake faith." Something ancient is being worshiped here, though the speaker may not have been taught to recognize his god by its right name.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Many years ago, when I studied cults, and what made them actually unchristian, I came across a cult-buster who asserted "The first thing they do is change the meaning of terms to something slightly different, or treat two distinct meanings of the same word, such as love, or spirit, as the same." In Toure's quote on the screen, I would say that holds for "right," "control," "her," and "life." Efficient work for a single sentence, eh?

Texan99 said...

"'In the Soviet Union, the future is predictable,' goes an old dissident joke. 'It’s the past that keeps changing.'” (http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/334080/after-crack-lee-habeeb?pg=2)

Or the meanings of words.

Anonymous said...

A prime example of Humpty-Dumpty's Law of Language.