The Wylde Hunt

The use of the didgeriedoo in a Celtic composition may strike you as odd, unless you are aware that it moved into northern European roots music a decade or so ago. I think the first such group to incorporate it was Hedningarna ("The Heathens"). The primal sound of the instrument fits in well with their attempt generate an impression of something ancient.

So that's Celtic and Nordic. How about we round it out with a Saami singer? They turn up from time to time in the Norse sagas, a mysterious people from the uttermost north, possessed of strange magics.

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Anonymous said...

The Wicked Tinkers use an Australian didgeriedoo or the smaller Celtic version for many of their pieces. The sound makes sense, especially under some of the war songs (Donald McGillivray, McFarlin's Lantern) or instrumentals (Shinavalie Farm).