Women and Bikes

Via Instapundit, "Women and motorcycles:  ridership is on the rise."  (Alternative title by Arlo Guthrie.)

There still aren't a lot of women bikers, but my wife has taken up riding.  The persistent high gas prices of the last several years finally broke down her sense that they were too scary and dangerous.  Now, she rides everywhere -- rain or shine, city or mountains -- and she's getting pretty good.  She tells me that, for her, it's almost everything she loves about horses, and that she's really come to enjoy just getting on her bike and riding with me.

So if any of you female readers have been thinking about it -- or if you haven't, but reading this is making you think about it -- you might give it a try.  You'll save on gasoline, and you might find a new source of joy in your life to boot.


Texan99 said...

I've just got a problem with the "protein on the outside of the very fast metal machine" model.

bthun said...

WB rides horses and can, over time, straighten out the most ornery of 'em, but she has absolutely no interest in traveling via anything with less than four wheels or anything that leaves the ground... The -real- fun stuff.

Grim said...

It only goes as fast as you make it, Tex. :)

Mr. Hun, I couldn't get my wife to agree to it for ages either. It's one of those 'lead a horse to water' things. She saw me doing it and having fun, and the bike was there, but until she made up her own mind to do it, there was no talking her into it.

I don't know if she ever would have done it except that gas prices started making it counterproductive for her to even drive to work. By the time she'd driven in and out in our big truck, she'd spent a good part of what she was going to earn on her shift.

So it was frugality that finally convinced her to try it. Now it's hard to keep her off the thing. :)

douglas said...

Maybe the gas money i the excuse I need to get a bike again...

My wife says she'll never get on a bike- especially if I'm driving!
Maybe there's hope.

raven said...

My wife and I have had a lot of fun on our bikes, rode all over the mountain west touring and camping. .