Memorial Day

On occasions like this, I always feel like it is impossible to say what needs to be said.  I am always afraid of leaving unsaid the most important thing, through lack of wit; and my wits are worse this year, for illness and lack of sleep.

So I will trust to music to say what I cannot think to say, and to the judgment of trusted companions.


That last one's not just music, but it's got good history and a pretty solid time-on-target airstrike at the end.  That last hit was a little late, but the rest of them are inside the three-second standard.


William said...

To those who stood the watch before:
Thank you. Rest easy.
To those who will come after:
Pay attention to details, be ready.

William sends.

bthun said...

I have no words adequate to the sacrifice. My thank you has always seemed to be wholly insufficient.

And hearing Taps, it never fails to choke me up... Faces long gone I suppose.

Eric Blair said...

The most important thing is just to remember.