Well, Of Course They Would:

Business Insider wades into a controversy by noticing that the Susan G. Komen Foundation, though no longer willing to associate with Planned Parenthood, is willing to partner with a handgun manufacturer.
This gun is a beauty.  
And a portion of the sale of each P-22 Hope Edition will be donated to the Seattle Branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
So, why would they do this?  Two reasons:

1)  The pistol is a fundraiser for them.  Planned Parenthood was an expense.  An entirely different set of criteria are involved in opting into a program that makes money for your charity, versus opting out of an expense.

2)  It's target pistol -- .22 LR, with interchangable barrels so that it can simulate a real self-defense weapon, or be set up for formal match-style target shooting.  The only people who would find a pink .22 LR pistol threatening are squirrels.  (Squirrels are people too, right, PETA?)

UPDATE:  Looks to be moot now; the SGK Foundation has caved to the pressure brought by the abortion lobby.


E Hines said...

One thing that seems lost in the SGKF decision to cease donations to Planned Parenthood is the Foundation's public reason for doing so. The move isn't targeted against Planned Parenthood, per se.

Komen said it could not continue to fund Planned Parenthood because it has adopted new guidelines that bar it from funding organizations under congressional investigation.

SGKF seems to be taking the position of guilt by accusation. Skip the trial part, and all of that inconvenience.

It's true enough that a private entity isn't obligated along this dimension in the same way that government is, but it's clear, also, that there is no interest in truth or justice on SGKF's part.

Eric Hines

DL Sly said...

Squirrels are nature's target practice. When you can consistently hit a squirrel with a .22 while it's running through the trees and underbrush 50 yds away, you're on your way to becoming a valid marksman.

Grim said...

The squirrels around here really do not care for me.

Or my dog.

Texan99 said...

It amazes me that a charitable institution can take flak for its decisions about whom to give money to. All I ask is that they be pretty transparent, so I can decide whether I should donate to them or find someone else whose mission suits me better. Normally, I'm more likely to be guided by objecting to one of their beneficiaries (e.g. terrorists) than by objecting that they don't give enough to some other charity. After all, I can just as easily give my money directly to the slighted charity, right?

Anonymous said...

SGKF also pointed out that they want to shift to giving money directly to groups that provide mammograms and other screenings, rather than to "pass-through" groups such as Planned Parenthood (which refers women to mammography clinics rather than performing mammograms "in house".) P.P. is not the only organization that would lose Komen funding due to this refocusing, just the biggest.


DL Sly said...

"The squirrels around here really do not care for me.

Or my dog."

Yanno? That's exactly what the squirrels from our place at the last duty station thought! Just the shadow of my hat coming up over the edge of the driveway or the click of that first pump on the pellet gun was enough to send them running. We couldn't use .22's....the downrange area was a working orchard with the main road at the bottom. And they were none too fond of the Terrorist Cell either. Before she lost her sight, Tash was Squirrel-Bane.

bthun said...

"Squirrels are nature's target practice."

Heh... Every summer I feed the wildlife feed corn, mineral block licks, and I keep fresh water in a 5 gallon galvanized tub by my yard equipment outbuilding in the back of the hovel. This helps the deer, raccoon, and the occasional sad-sack, aka possum, make it through the times of burned up forage. The downside to helping the deer make it through the summer is that the squirrels bark the It's Grits! news over three counties such that the corn feeding stations wind up making lots and lots of fat squirrels.

"When you can consistently hit a squirrel with a .22 while it's running through the trees and underbrush 50 yds away, you're on your way to becoming a valid marksman."

With the Remington 597 Walkin' Boss is so fond of, I might be able to nail a few on a good day at that distance while they're moving. But with horses directly behind the hovel and a line of old hickory and oak trees no more than 30 yards from the top rear deck, I usually use this piece.

I think I linked a picture of my Buckmark into the comments of a thread here at The Hall a couple or a few years ago. Mine's a good deal older than the current model and does not have the Truglo® fiber-optic front sight, but it is a target model with a bull barrel and an adjustable rear sight. Good cheap fun.

As far as the charities go, what Tex said...

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Dropping groups under investigation may be fainthearted, but lots of charities just don't want the controversy. I don't see that as reprehensible.

douglas said...

There are good reasons to withhold from giving to a group under investigation- what if they are found to have done something wrong? Your contributors will not be happy that you were so lax about where that money went. There is a lot of responsibility in spending other peoples money, and prudence should be the norm, not considered a hassle or nitpicky. Komen didn't think about the backlash, didn't think about how to explain it, and then worse still, caved to political pressure. I'll never give them money now.

RonF said...

As far as the handgun tie in goes, unless firearms cause breast cancer I don't see the problem.