Go for it

I mean really go for it, LOLGF.


Mike Guenther said...

Joe Blow


Yes, I'm a racist hypocrite and proud of it.

Narr said...

Ha, I gave up my guaranteed spot in the elite class decades ago, before all this caterwauling about Justice, and my son didn't fall far from the tree.

Cousin Eddie

E Hines said...

Certainly. DJN can certainly GFT. Maybe they can do a Circle Back Jerk.

Eric Hines

Elise said...

This kind of demand makes sense if you truly believe that our society is systemically (or systematically or irredeemably) racist. The only way to fix that is for non-POC to give up what they possess due to their privilege in favor of POC. So, logically, everyone who supports that view (call them "woke") should be willing to step aside provided they can be assured their places will be taken by POC.

I've long thought something like this is an excellent idea although structured differently. For woke corporations (including schools, non-profits, etc.), every non-POC employee making over a certain amount should be asked if s/he is willing to step down from his or her position in favor of a POC, with the employee given the opportunity to pick his or her successor. (Start at the top and work down so lower-level employees know the acceptable excuses for not doing so. :+)

For the situation covered here, I would not put pressure on the parents or the students. Instead, woke universities should be asked to commit to admitting one (or more) POC for each non-POC admitted, with a free ride of course as a form of reparations. And, naturally, any current non-POC students at these universities should be allowed to leave school in favor of a POC replacement.

I believe this is called putting one's money where one's mouth is.