A Bet, II:

Dear Sovay,

In regard to our bet, which we made last year, I think it may be time to consider paying up. May I suggest Sierra Nevada? Also, when you get ready to write that check to the NRA, give me a minute's notice and I'll chip in the extra five bucks so you can get a year's membership. They have a magazine for real feminists, the sort who believe that strong women ought not have to fear rapists, as opposed the the sort of "strong women" who'd prefer it if you were disarmed. I can't help but think you'd enjoy the magazine.

FreeSpeech.com: Words of Wisdom

"A Reply to Emerson"

This poem, by me, is in reference to a Ralph Waldo Emerson poem:

Cincinattus was a legend,
And legends are great and bold;
Britain youthfully did attend
To prophetic blood and cold.

Fear, Craft and Avarice
May not build a State,
But Avarice and Cowardice
Are slain by drink and plate.

There is no perfect state.
There is no perfect home.
There is only man and mate,
Flesh and blood, and bone.

But where are rowdy songs and beer
Are eyes of wrath and fire,
And songs of pipes bring ready cheer
To man and child and sire.

Courage is freedom's fence,
He is her sword and shield.
Before his eternal lance
May tyrants ever yield.

Cincinattus was a legend,
But we are bold and brave
'Tis we the Republic will extend
And year by year, shall save.

U.S. Says China Cooperating on Nukes (washingtonpost.com)

You're Drunk, You're Drunk, You Silly Old Fool:

The diplomats have another whopper for you to swallow: US Praises China's commitment to nuclear nonproliferation. This week, of course, we discovered that many of the items in the Pakistani program, and the Libyan program, were Chinese in origin. This included fully developed diagrams for an implosion-type nuclear warhead, by far the most powerful and difficult kind.

I can't help but be reminded of that charming old song that titles this post (lady readers may wish to avoid the last several verses, or, in fact, the whole thing). Pay no attention. It's nothing but an old sow... with a saddle.