Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Johnny Cash

Arkansas decides to update its statuary.


ymarsakar said...

This is the accuracy of Vedic astrology. 4 weeks before the Chinese whatever virus (haha) and Kobe Bryan's crash.

Much of why I don't describe in detail the Cabal and Deep State's hyper tech, other than to link it to general open source articles and interviews, is because nearly all of you, would not be capable of believing it or understanding it.

Thus much like Yeshua and Buddhists who spoke in poems and parables, the riddle and answer are locked in the same.

Karimson said...
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ymarsakar said...

Harry Potter stuff hehe. See, it's sorta like how the military reacts to war drama. The reactions are varied and different, depending on experience or personal view point. Maybe it is not realistic enough? Maybe it is too offensive or biased? Maybe the media is not well put together ala star wars?

Then there's the peeps who are "been there, done that" old veteran reactions.

Then there's the "I don't want to talk about it" faction, ala war traumas.

The American war of Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil, a play of entertainment and illusion, is entering its final act. The reason why it is pivotal to humanity is because America is a strategic battleground for many factions. It is why slavery in America, is not something the citizens should ever have ignored. It had world wide, humanitarian, and cosmic significance.

As for the engineers here... haha, good luck using STEM to figure this out. I have formal engineering education and experience. I know how you will react.

raven said...

He is white, male, hetero, and loved by country music fans.
Plus he took his guns to town..
He will be off the pedestal soon.
The woke riot countdown in 5 4 3 2....

Grim said...

He sang several songs that were at least respectful of the Confederacy too (e.g. “You Fought All the Way, Johnny Reb”). It’ll be hard for anyone from his generation to survive.

Unless the woke wave breaks, of course. Current trends don’t always continue.

raven said...

Johnny Horton did a great version, I do not know who wrote it.
Not the easiest thing to find on utube- there seemed to be a bunch of songs deleted form the Johnny Horton list..