A Campaign Slogan

I'm not endorsing Trump, although the alternatives at this point are pretty ugly (excepting Major Gabbard, who is becoming more appealing by the day, although also not gaining in the polls as much as she deserves to do). If I were to advise him or his campaign, though, this is the slogan I would recommend he adopt:

"Trump 2020: Peace and Prosperity."

Then see if you can live up to it.


Anonymous said...

Tentative agreement that Major Gabbard is the most interesting candidate on the Democrat party side, but her positions are not centrist in the world I want. https://www.tulsi2020.com/record

Not perfect, but the President has been the best president on issues that I care about in my (short) lifetime. https://www.promiseskept.com

The vote is still a year away so we will see.

-Stc Michael

ymarsakar said...

The most conservative would still be Marianne Williamson. Although the media thinks her politics are progressive. I understand how the Veil works on them. I also understand how dumb the media think everybody else is.

They weren't exactly wrong either, given how many Americans fell for media massaged propaganda (it ain't bias, propaganda does not need bias for manipulation).