Of Course, Of Course

Footage from the camera outside Epstein's cell is "unusable."

Trump "proposal" to nuke hurricanes is "racist."

Performatively pious Congressperson turns out to be a hypocrite who doesn't want to discuss 'personal life.'

Well, these things are just to be expected.


Thomas Doubting said...

Footage from the camera outside Epstein's cell is "unusable."

At what point does it become reasonable to seriously entertain conspiracy theories about this? Asking for a friend ...

Christopher B said...

I don't think anybody's imagination can stretch far enough to call Omar pious. She's culturally Muslim and that's fine with the Progs.

Grim said...

I merely assert that she performs piety for public consumption. The Congress can be convinced to change its policy on wearing headcoverings for her, when it would not for devout Jews, via such a performance. The pretense of piety is thus quite important to her, even if in fact she's like any powerful person who doesn't feel inclined to obey traditional limits.

Grim said...

At what point does it become reasonable to seriously entertain conspiracy theories about this? Asking for a friend ...

I'm pretty sure it was at some point previous to now, perhaps when the autopsy revealed injuries more consistent with murder than suicide.

ymarsakar said...

Most people lack the experience to deal with conspiracies, factual or theoretical.

They have relied too long on the main sewer media to tell them what is what. This gate keeping of information is one reason why intel analysts don't exactly trust people who leak things to the press. Because these leaks are rather one sided.

If the situation is seriousness that all of your superiors and other allied organizations are traitors... leaking things isn't going to help. Not at all. It will merely end in some "terminations" due to counter espionage work.

Prime example is Valerie's incident. It was mostly a political stunt. A false flag engineered op.

ymarsakar said...

If it was as serious as the media and Demoncrats painted it as... everyone would be dead in about 30 days.

Then the issue is resolved. Cause there are no witnesses and the ones that want to testify, will already be dead one way or another.

This is efficiency for black ops intel organizatons that are not beholden to "nations".

There were plenty of people who tried to leak the Deep State's surface antics. They did not survive for long. Which is why it was important for certain people to act "crazy" in the last few decades because otherwise, they would get red flagged. Do people understand what it means to get red flagged in 2008?

ymarsakar said...

When people found out that the NASA military agency of the US government had some discrepancies in their telemetry and video data, recently the public was informed that all the Apollo original tapes and telemetry data were deleted and overwritten, impossible to recover.

This is accepted as a mere accident in the eyes of an America that was trained to look at it that way. In the eyes of Post Epstein, Post Deep State, when people wake up and start becoming detectives, then there's a problem.

ymarsakar said...

Also, right on the day before 2001 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld made an interesting broadcast about some 2.5 ish trillion that is unaccounted for on the Defense budgets.

We call that "black budget" RnD and black hats.

Organizations need money to do anything legit or nefarious. That is why money laundering is a very easy way to catch mafias and underground organizations.

Total up the money NASA has been "spending" on certain things that may or may not exist as advertised.