"Some" Irked by Superstar Haley?

Well, not me, pal. I like it when she does her thing. Trump is good at a certain kind of rhetoric, but it's not the only kind. Haley's much easier to take seriously (or even literally). She seems fearless and determined. We've rarely had such a good advocate.


E Hines said...

From this: according to two outside advisers who are close to the White House


a former White House official

to this: Nikki Haley, ambassador to the United Nations, wrote her own op-ed in response — a piece that angered some in the White House who thought it was designed to draw attention to herself....

On what basis do we believe there's anger? Says who?

McClatchy (and the NLMSM generally) must name the advisers and/or the ex-official, or they don't exist.

Alternatively, prove they exist, and then show why we should believe those sources, given their obvious dishonesty.

Next, regarding an erstwhile standard of journalistic integrity that required at least two on-the-record sources to corroborate anonymous claims, McClatchy explain why it's chosen to walk away from that standard.

Regarding the point of the OP, I'd be enormously proud to have such an outstanding and articulate person on my staff--of either gender. And if our timing is off on occasion, that's a big oh, well.

Oh, and I'm down with President Nikki Haley.

Eric Hines

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Also entirely down with President Haley. From your mouth to God's ear.

I am terrible at the horse-race side of politics - I would make a terrible campaign manager - but I think it would be great if she were nominated and chose another woman as VP. Let marxists/power-hungry who wear the sheep's clothing of calling themselves feminist run against that.

J Melcher said...

"it would be great if she were nominated and chose another woman as VP."

Condi Rice?

Grim said...

Not a fan of Rice. I’m also not a fan of the general idea of nominations that play identity politics defensively. That’s not much better than playing them offensively.

What I like about Amb. Haley is that I don’t think she’d be nominated for defensive identity politics. She’d be nominated because she’s earned it.

E Hines said...

Aside from the identity politics of the matter--I agree with Grim--it'd be fun if Pres-nominee Haley picked a competent black man has her running mate. Lots of button pushing there.

Eric Hines

E Hines said...

Aside from that, I think Condi Rice would be a fine VP on any Republican ticket. That's a glorified head of staff position with the single (and singular) critical task of casting the tie-breaking vote in the Senate along with an additional articulate (in her case) voice of administration policy. She'd be a terrific staff person, and with a formal chief of staff of the General Kelly type, her proclivity for consensus building would be kept under control.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

I'm with Haley.

J Melcher said...

The VP slot is traditionally one played for identity politics, just in years past the "identity group" identified was by state. That is, the VP was supposed to "deliver" the electoral college votes of his (then, always "his") home state, usually a state that might otherwise lean toward the other party. So a presidential candidate from the North East (say, FDR) would pick a VP from the West, favorite son of, say, Missouri or Texas. (Truman or the undeservedly forgotten Garner, who evaluated the VP job's worth as a "bucket of warm spit." [ perhaps a consonant in his remark was revised for publication in the more restrictive media of his era. ] )

At this moment, post Dan Quayle, the VP is traditionally in charge of the US space program. Post Trump, it may be that space is a better developed region of real estate, and it is to be hoped that a competent VP will be watching over (er, from underneath) it.

E Hines said...

Well, the present VP has already proved his worth--the worth of the office--with the tie-breaking votes he's cast. And thereby cast buckets of warm spit in the Progressive-Democrats' collective eye.

Eric Hines