Voluntary-ish euthanasia

Bookworm Room muses on whether "free" medical care makes euthanasia a less dangerous policy.  The idea is that greedy family members might choose euthanasia over costly medical care, but the state would never make that kind of calculation, right?


douglas said...

I've realized that a great many issues that people are just wrong on are the result of extreme naivete or ignorance.

Too many people are too insulated from reality anymore to be able to gauge it properly.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The government would do it in stages, with increasing numbers of treatments that are no longer available to you if you don't meet certain criteria. And the criteria will be flexible.

Anonymous said...

The government will also add in age. If you are over X years of age, or are not able to work, you don't get the treatment. Then, once you are having major problems because of not getting treated earlier, the Death Panel kicks in.

Or if you are "uncooperative," as happens in England. *shudder* May G-d have mercy on their souls, both the "physicians" and the dead.


E Hines said...

The government also will add in resource control, whether overtly or through a centrally planned market's (at least in the "medical" industry) inability to produce medical treatments equal to the demand, thereby rationing via fatal delay access to the treatments.

Eric Hines