Of Course: In Germany She's Defenseless

It should be a source of shame to Germans that their refugee policy has made present-day Iraq seem safer to those most victimized by ISIS.
A Yazidi teenager who was kidnapped by ISIS in 2014 and sold as a sex slave fled to Germany after escaping the clutches of an Islamic State jihadist. It was in the Western country where she again encountered her captor who sold her into slavery.

Ashwaq Haji, 19, was so traumatized over seeing the man on two occasions that she returned to Northern Iraq, France 24 reported.... “First, I thought it’s him. Abu Humam. But then I thought that can’t be possible,” she said in an interview, after encountering the man in 2016.

Haji said she saw him a second time earlier this year and he approached her.

“He told me he was Abu Humam. I told him I didn’t know him, and then he started talking to me in Arabic,” Haji said, adding that he asked her if she is Ashwaq. “He told me: ‘Don’t lie, I know very well that you’re Ashwaq.'”

She then said the man told her he knows she lives with her brother and mother and even repeated her address.

She moved back to Iraq with family to avoid seeing her captor again but they live in fear because he has family in Baghdad, Haji said....

She also said German police were not too helpful when she reported the incident.

“The police told me that he is also a refugee, just like me, and that they could not do anything about it,” Haji said.
At least in Iraq she can keep a Kalashnikov to hand. And if the police there get their hands on a former member of ISIS, they aren't too gentle about it.


Korora said...

Tungsten-Tritium-Fluorine? Is this bureaucratic stupidity or a calculated "We'd be neo-Nazis if we tried to protect you" sort of deal?

Ymarsakar said...

Germans Obey their Orders.

When they are told to kill, they will kill. When they are told to leave foreign invaders alone, they will Obey too.

Obedience is what makes humans easy to control by the Deep State. It is what humans did to domesticate wolves as dogs.