If Only There Were A Way of Aligning Pay with Perceived Value

Doctors make too much, argue the people who believe that fast food workers should be making $15 an hour.


Anonymous said...

There have been days in my life when I needed what a doctor has to offer.

Those skills and training are won only at great effort, sacrifice, and deferred gratification.

I am grateful to those who pay so much forward to enhance their personal value. It seems to me that money is a very easy way to reward those who procure valuable abilities.

There has never, ever been one day when I needed fast food.


Tom Grey said...

Doctors are hugely valuable - yet it also true that doctors make "too much".

Because there are very limited number of medical schools, and all doctors must go thru one of the few med schools before being allowed, by the gov't, to treat patients. Those w/o med school are forbidden from helping patients, at lower cost, by medical license laws.

The gov't should be building more med schools every year. They should have been building more than Law Schools, since WW II, but the AMA has been mildly (or strongly?) against more med schools.

There should be fast tract immigration and US requalification medical tests of knowledge to allow foreign medical doctors to immigrate into the USA.

There should be ways to allow health assistants to help knowing patients with patient waviers to "practicing medicine without a license" restrictions. (Health worker has form saying what will be done, by a non-doctor, and the patient signs it being of sound mind.)

It's long been annoying to me that the healthcare cost debate so seldom talks about the supply of doctors, and how to improve that supply. Thru more med schools, mostly. Including also more on-line instruction and test taking.


Fast food workers at $10/ hr who think they are worth more, should get some other, more valuable job, which pays them more. For those who want a higher minimum wage, there are no laws stopping those folk from paying the higher wage. Hmm, perhaps lacking a business & customers, there is the economic "law of supply and demand", and the law of paying people with money you have...

Grim said...

"If only there were a way to make sure that the number of schools answered the demand for doctors..."

raven said...

If one wants to distort a market, just add Government and stir well.

Eric Blair said...

This seems appropriate:


Tom Grey said...

Eric, Great burning hand & scream!

Grim said...

'Acids, bases, blow up in your faces.'

Texan99 said...

Let's do an experiment: pass a law requiring fast-food workers to be paid $100K/year and see how much fast food is for sale after a year. Pass a law requiring doctors to earn no more than $10/hour and see how much medical care is available after a year.