Extremists Training School Shooters in New Mexico

"Extremists" is loose language, since no one is merely extreme; they are an extreme something-or-other. In this case, the author is clear about just what kind of extremists they were.
Siraj Ibn Wahhaj — son of radical imam Siraj Wahhaj, one of America’s most prominent Islamic clerics and Linda Sarsour’s mentor — kidnapped his own child in order to exorcise him of his physical disabilities that his father attributed to demonic possession.

A search for the boy led authorities to a remote compound in New Mexico, where local police found Siraj Ibn Wahhaj heavily armed. Court documents filed stated the compound served as a training camp to teach children to commit school shootings.
The author is herself a Muslim, one who isn't afraid to talk seriously about the issues her faith is facing. Indeed, joining the Clarion Project is a clear commitment to facing those issues head-on. She has, separately, some advice for Muslims running for office.


raven said...

Wonder how many training camps there are in the US.
This Canadian attack is bothersome. Sounds like someone was getting ready to kill a city, or several cities. Not much mention in the MSM. It would be extremely instructive to find out where the money trail leads-


Grim said...

I have yet to see that story anywhere I know to be sure of, myself. How much faith do you have in ammoland.com? It’s a blockbuster if it’s true.

raven said...

I think it was a reprint from some Canadian press-
Here is a take by the Guardian

Note they state 33 of the seized guns were identical- that is not a street crime stolen gun source.
Toronto sun- note the picture- I don't know if those are evidence boxes or factory cases but they all appear to be Glock 19's.


Something odd here for sure.

Anonymous said...

There were at least two Islamist training camps in New Mexico that I am pretty confident about. I learned about them from a gent who was grousing about a ranch near Ghost Ranch (Georgia O'Keefe's property) being sold at a wildly high price to a Muslim group that closed the roads and put up a shooting range without telling anyone. A second gent from down state said, "Huh. I though the one near us was the only one." This was 2011.

I didn't follow up to see if anything was done by the Federal or State authorities or if local law-enforcement stepped in.