Empowering the Powerful

I've heard these people proclaim that they are on the side of the oppressed, but by definition you don't make people less oppressed by further empowering the powerful. Moves to silence opponents at best makes a new class of oppressed, but there's no reason to think it'll help the old class. Insofar as their interests differ from those of the powerful, they'll just become more oppressed than ever.

AVI often says that we never get to defend the people we'd rather, and that's true here too. Alex Jones is a lunatic. But the reason I know that he's a lunatic is that his speech was freely available for me to read and consider. If the first time I'd heard of him was today, I might think he had something good to say. Making him a martyr elevates him in a way that won't work to anyone's good.

Free speech has to be fought for. It's the best thing for everybody, even if some people think they're too powerful to need the guarantee.


Anonymous said...

You are tougher than I am. I haven't given the man a fair hearing because I cannot stand his manner of delivery. After inadvertently clicking on his videos a few times, I never bothered to read anything he'd written.

Nevertheless, I noticed the utter failure of multiple media companies to cite any language whatsoever in support of their co-ordinated ban of this person.

A news article written by the Washington Post and carried by my local newspaper cited some of his conspiracy theories, but none of the stories where he turned out to be right.

Which is how I wound up subscribed to his channel.

Dad29 said...

Given what we know about the perps in this case, its reasonable to think that the Catholic Church is prolly about 5th on their list of 'delenda est' institutions. (The Latin is not grammatically correct but gets the point across, no?)

Ymarsakar said...

Predictable. People should have thought twice about labeling people as crazy or insane. It turns out that after awhile, the conspiracy theories are the only sane ones left, not that Alex is part of the in crowd. If conspiracies do not exist, how are lawyers putting people in jail on an almost daily basis, using conspiracy charges...

Ymarsakar said...

Alex J and Trum should both be happy they have yet to end up like JFK and Andrew Breitbart.

This nation has often suppressed individuals that spoke the truth, labeling them as crazy or unstable. That is because the prophets were always unstable given normal standards of Israeli politics. Some guy wandering out of the desert, channeling some entity calling itself a god, and then starts saying "my god says you will all die unless..." Who would be sane enough to buy that story, huh?

Then there's Nikola Tesla. Ohm. A bunch of other scientists that got the same treatment.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Prejudice is not the same thing as oppression.

Ymarsakar said...

That's what Confederates thought too.

In red vs blue, rationalization requires that one side be the oppressors and the other side now gets a free mobility move to be prejudiced. That does not resolve the fundamental human problem. It's going to take more than IQ to deal with that issue.

Ymarsakar said...


Open source analysts have begun to assess and crack open Trum's declassified documents.

Once this task is over, the Space Force is next.

Why is this stuff not on the media or from universities or from the communication companies? Maybe I should ask them and waste my time.