Who Do They Think They Work For?

A question that has been much on my mind lately as well.
Who Do These Guys Think They Work For?
What was fascinating about Strzok’s behavior and demeanor last week was his defiant, smug, arrogant, biased, catch-me-if-you-can attitude. It was almost as if he felt he was protected and above the law, but most assuredly, he felt he was untouchable and above Congress.

Yet the FBI, as a division of the Department of Justice, is subject to the oversight of Congress. Congress established the Justice Department in 1789—and it could unmake the Justice Department if it wanted. Congress provides funding that allows the department and the bureau to operate, and Congress has not only the right to oversee the actions of the FBI but also the obligation to ensure the bureau acts within its legal authority. What we saw Thursday was a smug bureaucrat who clearly has forgotten that in a constitutional republic, power flows from the people to their duly elected representatives who are to do the people’s business, which includes funding—with the people’s tax dollars—the various departments and agencies, followed by oversight of those departments.

So when you see Justice Department lawyers and federal agents arrogantly suggest that Congress go pound sand and wait around for the FBI, they’re not just telling Congress off: they’re telling the people off. They’re also communicating that an institution, a creation of our constitutional government, is greater than the Constitution and more sovereign than the sovereign people.
There is more, but that is for me the central point.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

They believe the creation of agencies and the Constitution are mere historical curiosities, of no meaning in the current drama. Whatever it says on paper, they expect to go on as before, untroubled.

I fear they may be right. Just because something should be true doesn't mean it will be true.

raven said...

To paraphrase Stalin, "How many SWAT teams does Congress have?"
Very hard to rein in a law enforcement and intelligence agency gone bad- they have the dirt, and they have the guns.

ymarsakar said...

Americans work for the DS as slaves... it's not the other way around.

Yes, national education and indoctrination said it was the other way around, that it was the government by and for the people... they were wrong: also deceiving people via lying or just stupidity.

The obvious counter to my point is that Lincoln and CW1 ended slavery and the Constitutional amendment ended slavery.

The counter counter point is that the Constitution is just like the Bible, it doesn't mean jack to the priests and power elites who use it to get power over humanity. The other counter counter point is that Lincoln died and Black Codes/Jim Crow/KKK flourished due to Demoncrat funding. The US didn't end slavery so much as kicked the can down the road. The letter of the law doesn't mean jack compared to the might of the army occupying the village. Just look at the Red Indians and how they often got screwed for that "Federal law treaty" issue.

The Israelis couldn't even end slavery, just their own bondage and contract as Pharoah's vassal and subject. Other tribes could be enslaved or exterminated, but not Israel. When an institution ends, it does not end immediately and multiverse wide. It is more subtle and slower than that.

Ymarsakar said...

Yet the FBI, as a division of the Department of Justice, is subject to the oversight of Congress.

Congress doesn't fund much of the DS. Congress also doesn't know much of anything related to the DS, other than Schumer's comment that if you cross the surface bureaucracies like the CIA, bad stuff will happen to you. As Trum may think, just look at JFK...

Of course the head of the IRS would look at Congress with contempt, She has good reason for it. mark Felt, the person responsible for Ayers and Nixon's fall, was also like that. They know who really pulls the power levers in DC, and it is not Congress. Congress is just given committees the way old women were given knitting and cooking, to keep them busy and out of the affairs of the real power brokers. The FBI at least knows that it is the DS that pulls the strings, not the FBi itself or Congress. So the FBi only has to worry if NASA or some other military organization or black ops team gets involved. Congress is easy to replace if it ever came necessary to do so.

This is a power Americans cannot get rid of by just singing national anthems and talking about previous freedom wars.