Travel News You Can Use

A list of the oldest bar in every state. I have eaten (and drunk) at the Pirate's House in Savannah. It's a first class restaurant, especially if you like the local sea food.


raven said...

Thanks for this- news we can use indeed! By happenstance, the Peerless in Alabama is in the same town as the CMP south- so you can get a beer and a Garand on the same trip. Very convenient.
I was sure the Irma in Cody would be the Wyoming choice, but alas, no. Still a treat though, the bar is a work of mahogany art. Brought around the Cape by ship IIRC. Named after Buffalo Bill Cody's rather wild daughter.

Christopher B said...

Ate a couple times at Breitbach's when I was stil in Iowa. Amazing story, and excellent food. Hopefully it will hang on. One of the last interviews I heard from the owner seemed to indicate none of his kids wanted to take it over.