The Skills Gap

The CEO of Lockheed Martin, whose piece here was pushed out by the White House via its Twitter account, has some thoughts on how to address the skills gap within the context of helping American workers.


ymarsakar said...

Lockeed Martin is said to be by many internal sources to be involved in covert space force projects.

Their problem is generally that Western education does not produce candidates and employees that are suitable to the covert projects.

For this reason, we will be investing $100 million to expand employee training and educational opportunities to help workers upgrade their skills. Of this investment $5 million will go directly to vocational and trade programs – those typically forgotten in discussions about developing a 21st century workforce.

Even as we take on these commitments, we will continue to strongly promote STEM education for students.

We are increasing our investments in STEM programs by $50 million over the next five years for scholarships and programs that will help students pursue and succeed in the STEM disciplines.

Their internal tech is way ahead of what civilians know as "STEM". Thus it would be more accurate to say that LM needs to re indoctrinate their candidates, as well as "upgrade" what they think they know.

ymarsakar said...

A lot of what is publicly available about LM is... kinda like reading the outer layer of an onion. It isn't false necessarily but nor is it all that true or useful.

For those interested in the Deep State, first they should start with Operation paperclip.

A lot of the funding LM gets is not going towards the F35. It is why publicly at least it is said to be over budget. That's cause the F35 is just a public side project that is on the lowest priority. They got much better stuff they don't let the public or even Congress know about.

But isn't every American beholden to Congress? Heh, well it is easier to think that way yes.