Some Appropriate Music

Merle Haggard apparently changed his mind about this song when he grew older. There was a long period of peace and prosperity brought on by the victory, which made this seem churlish and combative in retrospect. I suppose. I wonder what he'd think about the people 'preaching about some other way of living' these days. The same way, of course. The old beast, hiding behind new bright and smiling faces.


Gringo said...

For another side of Merl Haggard, consider his fiddle playing. A fine musician, that Merl.

San Antonio Rose
Merle Haggard And The Texas Playboys Tribute Bob Wills
'Merle Haggard - Fiddle Breakdown (Instrumental)

Merle Haggard Live in '85 & Bob Wills I Knew the Moment I Lost You 1941

Grim said...

Thank you. I will certainly spend some time with these.