No such thing

San Fransisco discovers that offering free lunch at the office distorts the market and is unfair to local restaurants.  Ve haff vays of making you enjoy getting out of your office and into the feces stench--that is, the fresh air--and step over junkies and needles and condoms to patronize one of our fine restaurants.

Next up:  city inspectors to rifle through your backpack on your way into the office and confiscate your brown bag.  Now go outside and play!


Grim said...

The $15 minimum wage hurt the restaurants, so the ban on cafeterias makes them whole. The workers who are paying sky-high rents will need rent controls, of course.

E Hines said...

Naw, this is hurting San Fanciscas' right to their free lunch. Look for legislation requiring those restaurants to provide no-cost mid-day meals to workers who flash their employment badges at the noon o'clock hour.

Eric Hines

raven said...

There is no subject so minute that the leftist control freaks will not seek to micro manage it. For our own good of course.

I so hope they can make this one retroactive to the established bay area companies, under this reasoning- the big established companies are exerting an undue influence on new hiring as they can offer free lunches.
This is an unfair hiring practice. Time to get the labor relations people involved.