No King but the Law

Adam of Bremen described the Vikings out of Iceland as having "no king but the law." So too we. The Trumps raise hackles among monarchists at the Washington Post. As the fellow says, we are not her subjects. There's a story about that some us were remembering long about, oh, ten days ago. Maybe you missed it.

Any American is the equal of the Queen of England, formally. She is a sovereign; we are, collectively, sovereign. We have no masters, and no laws but our own.

All the same, if you meet Queen Elizabeth you should be nice to her, not because she is the Queen of England but because, as the Queen of England, she had her Coldstream Guards play the Star Spangled Banner after 9/11 -- and sang along. Such an act of honor and friendship deserves to be remembered.


Sam L. said...

A woman of quality!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

They seem to be forgetting Obama's treatment and gifts to the royals.

Ymarsakar said...

The Queen of England also has substantially more power than she is given credit for under Constitutional Monarchy. It has to do with the Crown's personal assets.