Mob Rules

There are limits to what can be endured civilly, as we were discussing below. This is definitely beyond what ought to be endured.
One protester yelled "turtle head!" at the Senate Majority Leader a few times (a weirdly accurate comparison), along with jeers of "we know where you live, Mitch." According to the DSA, whoever was behind that "turtle head" burn wasn't affiliated with the organization.
"We know where you live" is a threat, not merely an uncivil word. "Turtle Head" is not civil, but it could be ignored. Direct threats cannot be. Yet for some reason, it was the 'turtle head' thing that DSA chose to deny being affiliated with rather than the threat.

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Christopher B said...

I've seen numerous references to McConnell as Yertle the Turtle on sites that lean hard conservative to Alt-Right. Wouldn't want people getting confused about which laundry they were cheering.