At Least We're All Taking This Seriously

I don't have a fully formed opinion on the Supreme Court nominee to share. But apparently that's not an issue that should slow me down!


MikeD said...

I swear, it really is laughable how knee jerk of a reaction to anything and everything is for these people. They're in SUCH a rush to object to a pick (regardless of who it is) that they can't even be bothered to actually find something concrete to object to. And I'm certain that they could actually do so if they looked hard enough (in fact, I'm fairly certain I could find a ruling to object to in any judge's case file), but they're just too lazy and too impatient.

E Hines said...

I don't understand Democracy for America's dismay. They should be pleased with a Supreme Court nominee who's so openly flexible on gender. A stronger gender rights advocate would be hard to find.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

Ha. But seriously, Kavanaugh looks like solid gold to me. Yes, there's the worry that he might go a little John-Roberts from time to time, but to tell the truth, a deference to the political process is not a bad thing. He appears to be universally admired as one of those guys who are the smartest person anyone ever met, while being a great guy as well, with strong principles to go along with a warm heart. I mean, sure, I realize he's the Antichrist and everything, but honestly he'd a good pick. If Collins & Murkowski are on board, it should be clear sailing, knock on wood. I don't think the Senate is in any mood to pussyfoot around.