Memorial Day Weekend

I wish you all the best on this solemn occasion. Enjoy it, though, partly in memory and in part because it's what they would have wanted.


raven said...

I was wished a Happy Memorial Day. I said, I don't know about happy, maybe Sacred. The waitress stopped smiling.

I kept thinking about the explosions, and the burning oil on the water, going into straining lungs, and the sharks. Especially the sharks. Don't seem very happy to me.

E Hines said...

The good wishes may be uninformed in their expression, but generally, they're sincere.

What I object to is the automatic "Thank you for your service." It's just a different form of "Hi, howareya?"

Eric Hines

douglas said...

Mr. Hines, what should be said, then? And is "Hi, howareya?" such a bad thing?