Felony relo

A Seattle councilwoman wants felony charges brought against Amazon for threatening to leave town if the city taxes workers to make a dent in the affordable housing crisis.

Socialists really need to find a solution to this problem of the golden goose walking off.  Has anybody thought of putting up guard towers at the borders?


raven said...

Apparently the city council has not yet figured out "if you build it, they will come", aka free needles, food, housing, etc. The better the conditions for "homeless", the more homeless they will have.

raven said...

Off topic- the recatcha has gotten onerous to the point of discouraging replies- typically it takes ten screens or more to be authenticated as a human- I have noticed this on other sites recently- and many times it refuses to acknowledge correct responses. Makes one second guess- Is that speck in the background a car? Are they counting the very edge if a sign?
Some reduction in it's merciless wanton behavior would be appreciated, if there is any control on the stringency of the tool.
Are they owned by the big G? Maybe this is an attempt to force everyone onto a G account.

Christopher B said...

Maybe she should think about building a wall. And making Amazon pay for it!

Grim said...

I don’t think there is a recatcha on the commenting system if you sign in through Google/Blogger. But I’ll see if I can turn it off. Hopefully the results won’t be too ugly.

Grim said...

Actually, it looks like they are already off. Maybe you have a virus or similar malware inserting a recaptcha? That would explain why it’s so difficult to make work.

E Hines said...

The captcha has been inconsistent for me, although in general satisfactory. I occasionally get permission to "publish" a comment on my bald claim that I'm not a robot--no match the pictures bit--even though I'm not logged into Google.

On the other hand, there are times when the captcha seems not to understand its own standard: buses claimed to be trucks, overhead sign trellises claimed to be bridges, edges of signs disallowed.

Still, I've never experienced raven's problem.

As I recall, you instituted the captcha some time ago (before the Google "update" that destroyed so much of your blog archive) because the comments had begun to include so much blatant spam.

One facility wants a simple arithmetic problem (2+3=...) solved for its captcha.

Eric Hines

E Hines said...

On OP, Seattle already is undergoing small business shift--departure, reduced opening--as a result of its minimum wage foolishness, and Boeing has moved its HQ out of state.

There's a reason Amazon wants HQ2; I suspect at least part of that reason is anticipation of foolishness like this.

Eric Hines

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I never have to do anything but check the robot box. That may be because I am signed in at my own site and always come over from there.

MikeD said...

How DARE Amazon make a business decision based upon possible upcoming tax increases! They should be locked up, because surely that's illegal!


MikeD said...

Oh, and I quit checking the "I'm not a robot" because lying is a sin.

Aggie - said...

"Socialists really need to find a solution to this problem of the golden goose walking off. Has anybody thought of putting up guard towers at the borders? "

Maybe they could build a wall.