UK Holds 78 Year Old For Defending Himself

A pensioner in London is under arrest after stabbing one of two men who invaded his home and assaulted him.

The injustice of this is apparently not obvious to British authorities. One begins to suspect it is the desired future for some of our fellow Americans, too.


MikeD said...

I was literally going to post on this myself. This man is a victim of human rights abuses by his own government. They are depriving him of his liberty because he refused to be deprived of his life or right to self defense.

Absolutely disgusting is an understatement. The Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecutor ought to be ashamed of themselves.

raven said...

It took two readings to find it was Hither Green, not Hitler Green.

The English peoples main enemy appears to be their own government.

The English should apply the traditional remedy for treason.

Aggie - said...

The British society has been marching down this road for many years now, with their powerful nannies driving the victims before them. If you are stunned that there is nothing more than a weak, tepid outcry over this incident from their public voice, it's because they have lost nearly all of the freedoms granted by their Creator; these have been systematically taken from them by their political leaders, by stealth and force. Witness the new oversight of Facebook and twitter and the prosecutions that have already taken place for IncorrectSpeak.

When a person is no longer allowed to defend themselves on their own property, then right of property has also implicitly become moot. This is one of the first principles of the Rule of Law, the rights of personal defense and of personal property. In cases like this, the life-altering choices become worse than those under the law of the jungle: There are now egregious penalties for having the misfortune of persevering and staying alive.

douglas said...

Devils advocate here- I asked someone in UK (it was on twitter, so no idea if they have any particular legal expertise) about a quote from the PD in one story that said they had to arrest him to be able to investigate. I thought that odd, but the person I queried suggested that he may not have wanted to make a statement to the police voluntarily (not a bad idea after you kill someone in self-defense, so I'm told), and that therefore, in order to question him in the way they would like, they had to effect an arrest. That seems plausible at least to me, and if so, perhaps the headlines are deceiving. Imagine that.

This is not to diminish the extent to which rights have been eroded in the UK, but this may not be the case to hang that argument on.

J Melcher said...

I have watched WAY too many Britbox thrillers. Just for one example, a scene in second season of "Sherlock" where the great detective rescues his landlady, who is being held hostage by several CIA operatives. Very cool, thrilling, exciting, and even, in the context of the adventure, plausible. But we are, after all, telling the tale of Sherlock Holmes.

It seems to me the 78 year old pensioner must be retired from a "black" agency of some sort where his career involved a great deal of such -- or at the very least, very much training for such -- hand-to-hand violence. I can't quite wrap my head around a more sedentary professional suddenly turning the tables on not just one, but two, armed intruders. Psychological misdirection, quick and agile movement, target assessment, precision attacks, "getting inside the adversary's OODA loop", and ruthless follow-up. One intruder -- described in the press as a "burgler" -- died from the counter-attack. The other, rather than being enraged or affronted, discovered his inner rabbit and fled.

The "burglars" themselves, as described by witnesses / neighbors, were mismatched mates: Two middle-aged men, one white, and one black. Diversity is strength, we are told, but among the dishonorable professional of thievesry, where trust is generally low, one might expect pairs to resemble one another. A pair of brothers, a pair of life-long mates, a pair of recidivists who bonded, for mutual protection, against others "not like us" during an earlier stint in prison. On the other hand, cross-racial partnerships are unremarkably common among those employed in the military, the civil service and -- I can only suppose -- various governmental undercover agencies.

There are an AWFUL lot of questions to be asked about this story and a surprising lack of curiosity among journalists in pursuing those questions.

douglas said...

Mr. M, you may be on to something with that. At least he's a man to our tastes- I saw a picture purported to be of him- he was at a pub double fisting Guinness.

douglas said...

Oh, and you can add opportunist to the list of his talents- apparently he got into the scuffle with the one robber as the other had ventured upstairs away from them so it was one on one.