With Dems like this . . . .

If the Democrats take back the House or Senate with Democrats like Conor Lamb, what will the House and Senate look like?
[W]ill Democrats run moderates who demand Nancy Pelosi resign and who hail their Second Amendment cred in other races this year, all of whom refuse to criticize Donald Trump? Will they even run one more challenger who follows the Lamb pattern? Not terribly likely, which is why Lamb’s win may not mean much at all seven months down the road.
On the other hand,
[L]et’s not pretend he was basically a Righty. He opposes the tax cuts, supports Big Labor, opposes Obamacare repeal, opposes mainstream abortion restrictions (despite his pro-life song and dance), and is strongly opposed to entitlement reform. He’ll be a fairly reliable vote for the Democrats on most issues, even if he was strategic about playing up certain cultural differences.


E Hines said...

Lamb pretended to run on a Republican platform. There's no reason to believe he meant of word of his rhetoric.

Which doesn't excuse the lazily incompetent campaign run by the Republican.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

It's odd that it's a winning formula, but that nobody is likely to repeat it.

Christopher B said...

Meaningless. As the Obamacare vote showed, these 'moderates' are not the DLC supoorting Blue Dogs from the 1990s.