The Hazards of Listening to Children

What they lack in worldly experience, they do not make up for in knowledge of history.

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Christopher B said...

Powerline had an even better one. A sign held by a young lady proclaiming that President Trump works in a 'gun-free zone', which I'm sure would be news to the Secret Service.

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Gringo said...

I am reminded of my days in 9th grade. At the time, the campaign to extend the franchise to blacks in the South- an admirable endeavor- was in full swing. A group of 8th graders supported this endeavor with the formation of a group named Young Citizens for Equal Voting Rights.

A high school junior wrote about the YCEVR group in the school newspaper:"We don't have anything to do on Friday afternoon so let's do it, as sung by Bruce and the whole junior high gang." (The campus held 7th-12th grades.)
Unsurprisingly, this evoked an indignant response.

While the columnist was rather snarky to poke fun at some younger students, he was correct to note that there was some group-think, some virtue signaling in the equal voting rights group.

Unfortunately, when a peer of the columnist proudly announced that his father had signed a petition against the Vietnam War which was published in the New York Times- a petition which he pointed out all the right people had signed- there was no such snarky response from the columnist.

It was one thing for the columnist to poke fun at virtue signalling- though I doubt the term was then in use- at a group that included his kid sister- and entirely another thing to poke fun at one of his peers.