What Wrong Looks Like

Apparently it looks like 1984 plus Han Chinese racism.


douglas said...

" Chinese identity in the image of the majority Han — its version, perhaps, of the nativism that appears to be sweeping other parts of the world."

Where has this guy been? I'm half Han Chinese. I'm well aware that what we call racism has been the norm in China since, well, forever- and persists in most corners. The Han are dominant, and give preference to their own- just as they have for millennia. The only thing I'd add to that is that the Chinese being ultimately pragmatic above all else, have absorbed a great many ethnic groups over that time, so it's less about DNA and more about culture in many ways.

douglas said...

But to stay more on topic- I'm going to make my kids read this to understand what things could be like, and in some ways are like if you allow it. They need to know the new digital landscape and it's pitfalls.

Grim said...

It’s distinct from bloodline racism, certainly. What we see in the article is a kind of consequence: ‘we have absorbed so many before, what makes these think they are too special to be absorbed too?’

But the secret is that the Han are trapped by this too. They feel protected by these systems that watch the Uighur. What they do not notice, because the Uighur are subject to oppressive controls that the Han escapes, is that the system watches them constantly too.

raven said...

From what I have read, the constant surveillance, and the "social scorecard" are designed for national use over all of China.

E Hines said...

And the social scorecard, available as it is to all of society (so far), will be used by individual members of society to identify those who are trustworthy: the lower the score from the government's paradigm, the more trustworthy. A high score might suggest a government informant.

Eric Hines

Ymarsakar said...

Western Christians are going to love this part: mark of the beast.

Based on those categories, you may or may not be allowed to visit a museum, pass through certain neighborhoods, go to the mall, check into a hotel, rent an apartment, apply for a job or buy a train ticket.

Apparently Google has a holographic, mil tech, tattoo that can be placed on the hand.


Won't be far now. Google's maybe former motto "Do no Evil". Surely they won't give backdoors to the state fed after giving them the encryption backdoor keys to gmail and everything else.