The Media Loves North Korea

This is a simple product of hatred for the Trump administration, I suppose, but it has led to glowing coverage for the most tyrannical regime on earth. The New York Times, CNN, Reuters, and NBC are the leading contenders for the dishonor of most devout praise.

Jeff Jacoby provides some needed bracing. Uncle Jimbo, too. Get it together, American press. The DPRK's leadership are totalitarian monsters.


Eric Blair said...

They have spoken, but I do not hear them.

jaed said...

Every time I think they can't go any lower, they exceed my worst expectations.

Korora said...

"Limbo lower now
"Limbo lower now
"How low can you go?"

-- Chubby Checker, "Limbo Rock"

Ymarsakar said...

The MSM were ordered by the hierarchy to prop up Syria and Iran as well, in the previous decades. This is nothing new. They have their orders and they obey them, as Roman centurions are under the authority of those greater.

Soldiers should at least acknowledge that part of the same craft both practice.