"A Slight Change"

The Marine Corps Times:
In a slight change to the grueling initial stage of the 13-week Infantry Officer Course, Marines will no longer be required to pass the Combat Endurance Test to move on.

The Corps has come under criticism for what some have claimed to be unnecessarily high standards to graduate from the course. To date, only one unnamed female Marine has successfully completed the entire course.

But Marine officials at Training Command contend the changes are not an effort to water down standards.... Previously it was scored as a simple pass or fail, but now the test will no longer be used to weed Marines out. The officers will continue to take a Combat Evaluation Test, but their score will be just one of many components of the course considered for a student’s overall evaluation.
Perhaps they'll introduce a personal essay, as the colleges did when they made the same move to lower their standards on test scores and grades. I imagine there are many who cannot pass the Combat Endurance Test who could write a very moving personal essay showing how much it would mean to them to become an Infantry Officer.


Texan99 said...

I've always thought what was wrong with the Marines was that they were just held to too high a standard. Everyone who enlists is entitled to a Participation Trophy.

Grim said...

Over and above this one, you mean? :)

E Hines said...

But Marine officials at Training Command contend the changes are not an effort to water down standards....

How do you lower a standard without lowering a standard? The Marine Corps still is a bastion of white male patriarchs. This bit of genius clearly is an example of white privilege enabled by the patriarchy. The standard must be put back where it was; the privileged origin of this non-watering standard disqualifies it.

My aging cat, timid as she is, wants to be a Marine, too. She diligently chases a shoelace across the rough terrain of our carpet for the entire two minutes.

Regarding participation trophies, Grim, I'll see yours and raise you this one. There's also the Alive in '75 Medal, awarded to us who came on active duty during the requisite years even though that disagreement had severely wound down and we never went over there.

Eric Hines

Krag said...

Simple solution, ban women from the military. No "right" to serve exists. I can't express how furious this type of idiocy makes me.

Anonymous said...


Nothing is more pass or fail than combat.

Grim said...

Simple solution, ban women from the military. No "right" to serve exists.

It's definitely true that no right to serve exists. The needs of the Marine Corps should be paramount among the criteria; it may, arguably, be the sole proper criterion.

Back in the days of Villainous Company, I used to argue against Cassandra's occasional concern that perhaps it would be best to exclude women from the military. There are good examples of women adding competencies to the service, e.g., the Corps' Female Engagement Teams in Afghanistan. (JSOC, I have since learned, had to recruit women and train them so that they could move freely in undercover roles: a group of large men is too conspicuous, no matter how perfectly they adopt the local dress, if they aren't accompanied by 'wives' or 'sisters.')

All the same, we definitely do have a problem with standards slipping. I think it may be something like a variation of the Brown principle that 'separate is inherently unequal.' If you really want to attain the highest standards, these are necessarily unequal; and that means separation. The JSOC-recruited women weren't inducted into the SEALs or Delta, they were a separate unit with its own standards. The FETs weren't integrated into the infantry, they were a separate unit with its own standards. I think that's got to be the working way.

Ymarsakar said...

It's a good thing Americans didn't fall for the promises of the State.

Other than O care, Gulf of Tonkin, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, FDR/Wilson's promises, and "temporary progressive income taxes".

The Leftist alliance did this on purpose, because they could not infiltrate and hijack the US Marines if the standards were maintained. There would be little chance of putting enough John Kerrys and Chelseas in, otherwise. This entire operation was setup in advance to prepare for a Gramsci march and apparently a bunch of American officers bought into it too with Hussein. The ones that didn't, got eliminated.

The LA has their orders and they obey them. They aren't merely running around like chickens with their head cut off, although that apparently looks like what they are doing.

Ymarsakar said...

Rather than including females or excluding females, if the military were serious they would create specialized units composed of only females or homos or males and let them compete on the only field that matters: the field of battle.

They did not do so, because the political operation of the LA was to create commissar brigades, not combat effective brigades.

The top of the LA hierarchy have a solid strategy for decades long transformation and integration. Only the drones and zombies at the bottom act like SJWs.