Al Jazeera: Gun Control is Pretty Racist

They're not wrong, although I'm not sure why the Qatari government is interested in American civil rights. They certainly aren't interested in advancing civil rights in their own country.

The NRA has a sterling original story here, but the criticism of their moves in the 1960s is valid. So too is the ongoing criticism of their lackluster response to the Philando Castile shooting, in which a legally armed man was killed for no good reason by a frightened policeman. I don't know that I think that the NRA is being racist in the latter case; I think they're afraid to be critical of police, who are a crucial group they need to lobby in order to pursue their main mission. All the same, Philando Castile should be alive, and the NRA should be out there defending him.

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Ymar Sakar said...

In Islam, there is no inequality between skin colors. Rather, the status of a Muslim is associated with his secular rank and his mosque rank.

Thus the Muj is allowed to any race, so long as they follow the strictures of Islam.

And as a Muslim, being unable to be armed and fight, would conflict with jihad or defense.

Only some small Sects like Sufism or other heresies under Sunnia/Shia Islam, do not place primary on arms and warfare. Even the House of Peace in Dar Al Islam funds the war, even if they aren't the warriors.

Problem with NRA and Republicans is that after Reconstruction, the freed blacks were abandoned. That is why they went to Democrats and LBJ welfare.

Politics is a corrupting influence, which is why Jefferson said that religion would be protected from the state by a wall. When a religion becomes a State Religion, where the state uses its power to enforce doctrine and conscience like the Vatican or Islam, things go downhill soon enough.