We were just talking about that movie the other day. Now this:
Wealthy homeowners in one tiny Fort Worth suburb say their neighbor’s decision to park a World War II-era tank in front of his multimillion-dollar home is making them nervous.

At least that’s what attorney Tony Buzbee, a history buff who purchased the WWII tank for $600,000 earlier this year, learned when his neighborhood homeowners’ association sent him a letter saying the tank “impedes traffic” and causes a “safety issue” and “serious concerns for neighbors."
It's all right. If the movie is any indication, the tank provides an important hedge against corrupt Southern law enforcement officers.


E Hines said...

He just needs a visit from MVROWMCOSFTSCA. They'll set him straight.

Eric Hines

douglas said...

I'm thinking about getting a muzzle loading replica 'antique' canon to put in my front yard, as I've been recently reminded that it's perfectly legal to own one with no restrictions.

Grim said...

Is that right? I would have thought it was regulated as a 'destructive device' or some such.

Ymar Sakar said...

Wait until they start bringing out the Nukes.

douglas said...

See for yourself, Grim. You thinking about it too, now? They're a bit pricey.