France to Enter Permanent State of Emergency

President Emmanuel Macron has pushed for the bill to follow through on a campaign promise to end the state of emergency.... Lawyers and activists have warned that the legislation would essentially make all the state of emergency measures permanent.

It would turn warrantless property searches and house arrests into common police practice. Banning protest marches, shutting down places of worship suspected of sharing extremist views and electronic tagging for surveillance purposes are other powers police would be granted under the legislation.


Larry Harman said...

Hitler governed through powers he received as Chancellor, from the President, during a state of emergency. I have not been following Macron closely, or French news, beyond what I hear from time to time. A permanent state of emergency? Surely cooler heads will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason not to visit France again. Which is too bad, because I'd like to see more of the south (Dordogne).


Ymar Sakar said...

Guess they did it first. They accomplished something Even Hussein couldn't for the US.

Do not worry, citizen serfs, this is only a "temporary state of emergency".