DB: Rudyard Kipling gives your weekend safety brief

‘Fore ya drink yerself stupid
Well, stupider than ya are
Make sure ya got a DD
‘Fore gettin’ in the car
Make sure you ain’t drivin’
On this your career’ll ‘inge
Make sure the cherry has the keys
On porter and pie you’ll binge


(Yeah, there are three more stanzas, but not as good as one would have hoped for Kipling. I actually suspect an imposter wrote it.)


Grim said...

We're doing weekend safety briefs on Wednesday now? I know it's been a rough week, but still.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I vote imposter, on the basis of "DD." Other parts are suspect, but that one seals it.

Tom said...

Hey, it's Friday night somewhere ... um, like Mars, maybe?