American vs. UK Political Divisions

An interesting comparison. I had not realize the numbers were like this. As the numbers in the paragraph below indicate, you can get references for these figures at the link.
In the US, the number of Americans identifying as liberal reached a record high of 24% in 2015 in comparison to the conservative 38%. [1] Britons are almost evenly divided between left and right. [2] Women are generally somewhat more likely to be left-leaning than men [3] but very many are not. 47% of African Americans identify as liberal and 45% as conservative. [4] In the UK, the Conservative party claimed 33% of Black and Middle Eastern voters in comparison to Labour’s 52%, with Black Britons being most likely to vote Labour, whilst among the Asian community, Hindus and Sikhs are more likely to vote Conservative and Muslims to vote Labour.[5] British LGBTs are as likely to be right-wing as left-wing [6]whilst American LGBTs are much more likely to be left-wing,[7] almost certainly because of the religious nature of the American right and its implications for LGBT equality.


Gringo said...

I had trouble getting through the article. When I read "intersectionality," a word mentioned over 20 times,my eyes glaze over. As far as I can tell, it is just another PC buzz term.

From the article:
The concept of intersectionality was introduced into academic theory and social justice activism in the late 1980s by Kimberlé Crenshaw, Professor of Law at UCLA and Columbia Law School and founder of critical race theory.

Quite a creative person, to introduce two buzzword terms- "intersectionality" and "critical race theory"- into our lexicon.

My reaction to "critical race theory" is biased by knowing a school principal whose doctoral thesis discussed "critical race theory" with regard to school administrators.She was not a competent administrator- the school district had good reasons for not renewing her contract. She parleyed her doctorate into a tenured position. Her primary focus is training school administrators. Someone who couldn't competently administer schools herself, now teaches others to become school administrators. "Critical race theory" helped her get there.

Grim said...

Any field of study called "critical... theory" is Marxist in its frame. That causes problems, as it bakes into its analysis conflicts that may not be there in reality. The result is, well, more conflict.

But sometimes also tenure.

Ymar Sakar said...

Critical Marksmanship

Critical Martial Arts

Critical Sun Tzu

Critical Clausewitz

How to Cause Criticals by Killing Humans