Iraqi Support for Israel

I remember reading years ago about how Saddam's support for the Palestinians was not shared by many Iraqis, who viewed them quite negatively. So I wasn't surprised by this article.

In Light of Terrorism, Support for Israel in Iraq Rises 
The Israeli Foreign Ministry is surprised to receive thousands of messages from Iraq in support of Israel in light of the crisis on the Temple Mount and recent terror attacks, with Iraqis saying they 'recognize the State of Israel,' and even calling Palestinians 'traitors and terrorists.'


Grim said...

Israel is currently enjoying the best relationship it's ever had with the Arab states. You wouldn't know it from the top-level news, but their relations with the Saudis, Egyptians, Gulf Arabs (except Qatar and Yemen) have all been improved by the worsening relations between those places and Iran.

MikeD said...

Because those places will rely on Israel to defend them if a nuclear Iran starts looking hungry.