Hope is a Weapon.

Saw this today. Everybody reading this knows the story, but this is fascinatingly done. I have never seen my wife on the edge of her seat in a movie before. There is not a lot of speaking (despite the trailer). It works. But you must pay attention.

Curiously enough, the following below was shows as a trailer:

A lot more dialogue in any case.


Grim said...

It looks like a great film.

Tom said...

It's good in unusual ways. While there are military heroes, the film is about civilians risking their lives to save the military, which has been endangered by government failures (and the surrounding Axis forces). In saving the military, they also save Britain.

Although I didn't see or hear any political message in the film, taken in its entirety I wonder if there isn't a message that only ordinary people can save Britain today, and that they'd better get on about it.