The Simpsons on the Reformation


Eric Blair said...


Anonymous said...

Here comes everybody!

Ymar Sakar said...

Opus Dei, the Vatican Miracle investigation unit, and various other branches.

Protestants are merely a branch off and derivative of the Roman Catholic foundation, since they recognize the councils past 4th ecumenical council.

I don't recognize any of the councils, since theologically you can't destroy your own foundation as they are the ones who decided what to put in the bible and what was "Catholic" or "Orthodox" doctrine.

The first creed might be something I would agree with, but it depends on if it was tampered with or not.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

There is considerable justice in this. I think that's mainstream Protestants they are scribbling about, though. I'm expecting the Pentecostals, AME's, Jesus People, and a few others to be pretty lively.

The Bible is pretty clear that heaven is more like a wedding reception than anything else. I'm in.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Protestant Reformation could have gone further on, but they stalled.

By criticizing the Roman Catholic foundations, the Protestants made it impossible to enforce any kind of unified organization, so every time somebody and their friends got a different idea about a doctrine, they split off and formed their own church, independent of anybody else.

That was a good way to prevent holy wars between Christians, but you can't really get them to unify and do any work.

The Protestants got rid of the Papists, but they just got the Pastor as dominator instead, now that the Pastor had nobody over him, he became the god of the church and anybody that would disagree on point of doctrine, gets kicked out, punished, or removed from the building.

james said...

So is the one described in Acts the 0'th Ecumenical Council?