I Have Read That This Works Wonders

Saying the strategy was certain to attract the most eligible men of the highest repute, relationship experts recommended Friday that single women frustrated with their current romantic options try bathing in an open stream until the ideal suitor glimpses them through the trees.... [P]rofessional dating coach Priscilla Adams [added] that women should choose a location with a small waterfall cascading lightly into a natural bathing pool, where a man out riding his horse or returning from a distant war might catch sight of them from the stream’s wooded banks.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I wonder where one finds trees and running water in this part of the world...


Anonymous said...

Somebody cribbed from "The Pearl." That book is a tad dated.

So, what's the equivalent? A Brazilian "dental floss" swimsuit at the beach? A wet T-shirt contest in a bar?

One day the guys at work came in chattering about a girl they had encountered after work at a bar. She was not wearing panties and she flashed them. They had a marvelous time talking about that for a week. I thought it interesting that, despite all the rowdy talk, not one of them approached her to talk to her.


Grim said...

"The Pearl." That book is a tad dated.

14th century Middle English is actually a little late for my tastes, although a few good things -- Malory, R. E. Howard, Tolkien -- have been written since then. :)

Anonymous said...


Your reference is to a finer, more delicate poem than what I meant, although I would not be surprised if the editors of the mid-Victorian monthly porno magazine actually intended to evoke the poem.

The collected issues relate to the hijinks of British aristocracy, and in one story, a group of girls living at and visiting a manor house decide to go for a swim, precisely for the benefit of some visiting young men in their age group. How all of this happened with the complicity of multiple servants and without any of the adults in residence knowing, seemed far-fetched to me.


MikeD said...

Huh... and the first place my mind went was this: